Tuesday, 26 April 2011

I miss my Baby Boo.

That's the little one back at boarding school. I feel bereft. I miss her already. We've had such an awesome couple of weeks and the weather has been beyond fab so lots of lovely, ice creamy days were had. And not just little ice creams but big, fat, holy cow I'm never eating again ice creams...

Nails were painted...

Granny Squares were made...

Pets were much loved...

Silly sunglasses were worn...

Mummy and Boo were at their most blissful...

Roll on the summer holidays when hopefully we'll be able to get some swimming in..... in the North Sea! Brrr! We is brave. Well, Boo is. I'm going out on a surf board so I don't have to get my feet wet.

On another note entirely, 3 sleeps until the Royal Wedding! I'm actually quite excited considering my interest in the Royal Family normally only runs to reading what mischief Prince 'Bad Boy' Harry has been up to.

Hope you all had an awesome Easter. I'm off to run off my chocolate feast. Might even throw in a sit up or two.

Monday, 25 April 2011

Winner winner winner!!!

Just popping on to announce the winner of the fab-a-dooody sponge mic giveaway. Will be back tomorrow with pics of moi et Baby Boo and the fabulous Easter Hols we've just had. She's back to school tomorrow so I will be able to sit still for five minutes, breathe and write me a blog post. If I could bottle that kid's energy and sell it I would be so rich I'd never have to turn away a pretty pair of shoes....EVER.

Ok, I just used random.org to draw the winner and it gave me number 9!! However, on account of my complete and utter lack of computer skills, I can't figure out how to display the widget with the result attached and I'm too scared to play with html stuff so you're just going to have to trust me. Next time I am drawing numbers out of a hat....

Congratulations Andy!! Hope your girls love it. I've sent you an email so you can let me know where you want your prize sending. Oh, that felt so good. I'll have to have another give away soon. Who knew they could be such fun?! Thank you for entering and giving me that warm, gooey feeling that comes with doing something nice.


Monday, 18 April 2011

Do Re Mi Fa....And a giveaway!

I was standing at the sink earlier washing up the dishes from dinner and daydreaming when my pink and floaty thoughts were interrupted by the sound of a cat fight from upstairs. No, no... a lion fight. Actually, what's bigger and louder than a lion? Well, it was one of those and it was being tortured! Abandoning the dishes I shot upstairs and realised, with some alarm, that the bigger than a lion thing was my very own Baby Boo.... singing.... in the shower. What is it about the shower that makes you sing loudly and and with the kind of passion that normally involves several alcoholic drinks and SingStar? And why does everyone sound like Pink,Taylor Swift and Karen Carpenter all rolled in to one only to discover the next time they hit the karaoke that they can't hold a single note?

C'mon.... time to share your shower songs. I will if you will. And the best song (as voted for by random.org) will win one of these babies bought with my very own pennies.

Yes, that is a sponge shaped like a microphone. And yes, you do need one even though you didn't know you did. I came across it whilst googling 'singing in the shower' pics and it was just too good an opportunity for a fab first giveaway :) All entries need to be in by Friday 22 April @ 1300hrs (CET).

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Blissful Week

Oh my giddy goodness. Another week (and a bit) gone by. Where do the hours go? I swear this whole 24 hour thing is a myth. Want to see what I've been up to? Huh? You do...go on, you know you do.

I had the best weekend last weekend in the UK. Like best ever. On the Friday I got to see my biggest cousin get married. In shoes that made me look like a hooker. Only I didn't realise they made me look like a hooker until I saw the photos after. Awesome.

I got to meet my middle cousin's fiancĂ©. They're getting married in July in a biiiiiiig, beautiful barn and I can't wait for the wedding. Let the dancing commence.... in pretty shoes. Not hooker shoes.

I got to meet my baby cousin's.......baby! Tell me you don't want to take a big bite out of him. Too gorgeous for words. He didn't care what shoes I was wearing so long as I kept blowing raspberries on his chubby, little cheeks.

On Saturday I hit Oxford Street in London for shopping and lunch with my bestest buddy and my handsome God-son, Little J. Hamley's didn't know what hit them when we walked in. I'm not sure who was more excited actually. Me or Little J? The guys there have the best job in the world. They turn up, play all day then go home again. I mean, really?

It was totally a weekend for seeing all my favourite people. And the best bit? I got to see my most favourite person in the whole wide world. And I got to bring her home to Germany for THREE WHOLE WEEKS!

Welcome home Baby Boo. Mummy missed you. And the noise you bring with you. Now be a good girl and turn your music down.... No, no! Just kidding!

Hope everyone is feeling as blissful as I am right now :)