Wednesday, 18 January 2012

This Wednesday.... I want.

A Smeg fridge! And not just a little bit but a LOT. Unfortunately they cost a LOT and I don't have a LOT so now I'm sulking. A LOT....

I suppose I've got three options really.....

1.  Get over it.
2.  Start putting away a little bit of moolah every month.
3.  Paint current, crappy fridge a pretty colour and write 'Smeg' on it.

Oh what to do, what to do.

Think I'll just stare at these for a while whilst I ponder away...

Smeg fridge
pink smeg

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

T Shirt Yarn

I have a pile of t shirts in the bottom of my wardrobe that taunt me every time I open the door? Why? Because they were collected for the sole purpose of making t shirt yarn some weeks months ago and I've yet to do anything of the sort. I have various tutorials bookmarked, it doesn't look particularly complicated but it's just one of those things I never quite find the time to do. Ahem. Anyway, the other day whilst browsing through Etsy I found some lovely multi-coloured yarn that put my pale, boring collection of clothing to shame. So I bought some. Instead of making it. I know, I know...

As soon as it arrived I fell on my crochet hook, desperate for that rug I have been dreaming about and saving a spot on my bedroom carpet for.

Um... I kind of love it so far. And I'm gutted I waited this long to start it. Such is life, eh? I haven't bought enough to make a decent sized rug so my reasoning is that I will be FORCED in to cutting in to my own little supply if I want it finished and in place as soon as possible. Which I do. Isn't it funny the things we put of for no apparent reason?!

Want one all for your very self? This is the best tutorial I have saved. And if you need help with crocheting in the round try here. My 'go to' for all things crochet.

Sunday, 8 January 2012

Disney Love

Have you all seen the outfits inspired by Disney characters that have been flying around? They've been all over Pinterest and I soooooo love them! They're from Disney Bound and I could spend hours and spend millions if I wasn't in the middle of my 'I've got no money because of Christmas and the Boxing Day sales' phase I seem to go through every year! These are my favourites (so far):

Aren't they fabulous?! I want to go shopping but my purse seems to be empty. Sigh.

Monday, 2 January 2012

Much Love Monday - A crisp, new page.

I love the feeling at the start of a New Year. That feeling of being able to start again. It seems to be a fairly common theme that 2011 pretty much sucked for a lot of people. Family, friends, fellow bloggers... I've seen and heard so many comments along the lines of 'Well, thank God THAT's over. Moving on!'. 2011 was a hard one for me and Baby Boo. A lot of sadness, a lot of upheaval, a lot of readjusting. I'm glad it's over but I won't forget what I learned from it. Here's to a fresh start and a crisp, new page.