Tuesday, 17 January 2012

T Shirt Yarn

I have a pile of t shirts in the bottom of my wardrobe that taunt me every time I open the door? Why? Because they were collected for the sole purpose of making t shirt yarn some weeks months ago and I've yet to do anything of the sort. I have various tutorials bookmarked, it doesn't look particularly complicated but it's just one of those things I never quite find the time to do. Ahem. Anyway, the other day whilst browsing through Etsy I found some lovely multi-coloured yarn that put my pale, boring collection of clothing to shame. So I bought some. Instead of making it. I know, I know...

As soon as it arrived I fell on my crochet hook, desperate for that rug I have been dreaming about and saving a spot on my bedroom carpet for.

Um... I kind of love it so far. And I'm gutted I waited this long to start it. Such is life, eh? I haven't bought enough to make a decent sized rug so my reasoning is that I will be FORCED in to cutting in to my own little supply if I want it finished and in place as soon as possible. Which I do. Isn't it funny the things we put of for no apparent reason?!

Want one all for your very self? This is the best tutorial I have saved. And if you need help with crocheting in the round try here. My 'go to' for all things crochet.


  1. Oh man I've never heard of tshirt yarn before, it's so pretty! It looks amazing and I could tooootally use a nice area rug!! Awesome...now I have another thing to add to my to craft list

  2. I can't put it down! Started a bit of an addiction I think! Your parcel will be posted this weekend, by the way! Just waiting for a couple more bits to arrive :)